London City

London The mesmerizing and multicultural city.

       London is one of the world's most famous city that is known for its cultures and tourist destinations. This beautiful city is the capital of both England and United Kingdom located on The River Thames, South East England. 

     Want to know more about this city? Well, I've made a video of me explaining a little part of the city and now its up on my YouTube channel! But don't worry. Because I'm such a kind hearted person, here I give you the video!

Hope you enjoy the video. Adios!

Plans For The Upcoming Holiday

Holiday is Coming!
Once upon a sunny day, a girl was sitting on a cafe corner alone. Her name is Yasmin. She was enjoying her cup of coffee with a John Green's book on her hands when a curly haired guy walked into the room and saw Yasmin sitting there alone. He smiled and walked over to her. He is Harry. The guy he met a few weeks ago in the park.
Yasmin was so glad to see Harry again and they spent the day talking about a lot of things. 

Yasmin                       :           It’s September already isn’t it?
Harry                          :           yeah, time flew by so fast. And holiday is about to arrive

Yasmin                       :           Talking about holiday, what are your plans for it?

Harry                         :           I’m still not sure. Probably I’ll fly back home to England to meet my                                          family
Yasmin                       :           That’s interesting. It must feel good to be back home. Whom will you                    …

Unforgettable Moment


Everyone has a moment they will never be able to forget. Whether a good one, or a bad one. And now, be prepared because I'm about to spill my story about an unforgettable moment that I've experienced approximately five years ago.
I remember, it was exactly August 17th. Indonesia was turning 67 that day. Me, my mom, my aunt, and my two cousins spent the day hanging out in one of Bandung's popular shopping center, Paris Van Java. 
A lot of stores were holding massive sales. Who doesn't love discounts? Exactly no one. Everyone is a big fan of discounts so are my mom and my aunt. They spent the time by hunting good stuffs with low price in almost all of the stores.
Me, and my cousins Novia dan Rafizki, got really tired following those two women around the mall. You know how women do when a huge sale happens. So, the three of us decided to go ice skating. The place was quite crowded when we got there. Actually, none of us could really skate lol. We str…

Making A New Friend

Introduction Conversation  
    Today is Sunday, and the sun shines so bright. Yasmin is strolling around a park downtown. She really enjoys the fresh air in the park because the park has lots of green trees. She keeps walking around the park until she bumps into a guy who is standing under a tree.

Yasmin : I am so sorry!
Harry : It's okay, really.
Yasmin : I'm Yasmin, by the way. May I know your name?
Harry : Well, hello, Yasmin. My name is Harry.
Yasmin : You don't look like a native Indonesian, Harry. Where are you from?
Harry : I'm from England. Quite far I know. My dad works here so I came along with him and here I am.
Yasmin : Ahh, I see. I should've known it from your thick accent though.
Harry : It's pretty obvious, isn't it?
Yasmin : It is. Where do you live now, Harry?
Harry : Not so far from here. I liv…

It's All About Me!

Hallo! It's Yasmin here!

To everyone who is reading this, welcome to my blog!
My name is Yasmin Haifa Mutashim Dwiputri, but you can call me Yasmin (or Selena it's up to you lmao) and this is my very first blog. This might be boring so be prepared, everyone.

In this blog, I'm going to talk about myself. Well, you already know my name and I'm 14 years old. I will be turning 15 this September 17th. I was born in Bandung and there's where I live right now. I am a student of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung and I love this school so much because who doesn't know this school. This school is such a pride.
I really do love reading books, and sometimes I write too. My favorite author is John Green. I'm into photography and music. I don't play any music instrumental, I can't sing either, but I enjoy listening to them. I really love Ed Sheeran and I'm crazy for One Direction. Mostly Harry Styles. Typical teenager. 
I love watching movies. I could stay all day in front of …